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Special Collection

Citizen Security Dialogues: Dispatches from Colombia

Collection launched: 12 Oct 2015
The special collection, 'Citizen Security Dialogues: Dispatches from Colombia' gathers research from leading scholars and practitioners to discuss key topics regarding recent developments surrounding the peace process between the national government and the FARC rebels in Colombia. After taking into account the impact of security policies implemented during the first decade of the twenty-first century (demobilization of paramilitary groups, strengthening of national armed forces and the containment and weakening of guerrilla groups), this issue further explores challenges and policy options faced by the state during a post conflict scenario, given a positive outcome of the ongoing peace process. Using a broad data analysis, issues such as the ability of organized crime to sabotage post-conflict policy implementation, the absence of state and the rule of law in isolated areas of the country, and the importance of local justice as an institutional strengthening strategy for stabilization are addressed in order to draw important conclusions regarding the problems associated with the persistence of ungoverned and unstable territories in post-conflict contexts all over the world.